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 This package includes 3 Elective Courses that you will complete online, at your own pace with NO FINAL EXAMS REQUIRED! Electives include: “May the Code Be With You”, “Social Media Ethics” and “Basics of Flood Insurance”.  These are mobile friendly, you can even complete these courses on your smart phone!

The 4 Hour Core portion is being offered in a LIVE and WEBINAR format on Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 10am-2pm. NO FINAL EXAM IS REQUIRED! 

Instructor: Tami Wiggins

You can select “Live Class” or “Webinar” at checkout. You will be given a user name and password upon registration to access your online elective courses. Webinars are provided using the latest technology with Onstream Webcasting. No additional downloads or software is required. Onstream works smoothly with most recent browsers and IOS systems. For additional technical questions or to verify that your phone or browser is compatible, please call: 1-877-932-3400.

You will receive a “certificate of completion” within 48 hours after you finish the full 12 hours. Your completion will also be reported to the IDFPR via the CE portal. Why wait? Register today! 12 Hour Package only $75 for a limited time! Individual courses are available “a la carte.” Click below to view pricing.