A Career in Real Estate

        Working in the Real Estate industry is an opportunity to work for yourself while under the sponsorship of a brokerage firm. The Broker license allows you to work with buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and manage property while you build your name and grow your business. It's a challenging, rewarding and ever changing career that can allow you flexibility along with the potential for unlimited income.

     You do not need any experience in sales nor real estate. You do not need a college degree. This is a service based career and with the right marketing tools and training, the sky is the limit when it comes to how far you can go.  In Illinois, after you have been licensed for two years, you can even upgrade your license to Managing Broker and sponsor yourself and open your own company if you wish to do so. 

     Some people get a Broker license in order to have an edge on flipping houses or warehousing properties. Others get into this career because they want to quit their day job. Many others get the license while keeping their full time job and they are able to earn extra income by working as an agent part time. This career offers enough flexibility to decide what is right for YOU, depending your own individual goals. Whatever your goals may be, it starts with Step 1: completing the Pre-Licensing courses and passing the state exam. We are ready to help you start TODAY! 


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