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Course Retake: Live Webinar Class Starts on January 18, 2022

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 75 Hour Package: $289

 Package Includes:

  • Most Recent Edition of Text Book (4th)

  • Webinar Videos for each chapter

  • FREE TUTORING via Zoom or in person (Self Paced Only)

  • Additional practice exam and review with Instructor

  • 3 attempts to pass the school exam

  • 15 Hour Online Course

  • Self paced: YOU CAN START TODAY! Access the course at any time OR

  •  LIVE WEBINAR session. (The next session will be held from July 30-September 17, 2024).

Enrollment is valid for 6 months for the 60 Hour course and an additional 6 months for the 15 Hour course. 

***Please note: 

  This course is only available to students who previously took the course. This discounted package is available for online courses only and it does not apply to live-in person courses. 

**Due to limited seating, we are not able to offer the course discounted price for our live, in person classes. 

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