Ethics or CE??? Which Do I Need???

The "Ethics" class that you need from NAR is for your MLS and NAR membership, you do not need it to renew your license. You will need 12 hours of CE by 4/30/2022 in order to renew your license.  

For your "Ethics" course, you can take it at no cost.  This is the class that is due by 12/31.  

 They do offer it FREE: Just click on the "Non CE" button: Home Page - Code of Ethics Portal (

They also offer the course for CE credit with a fee and if you select that option, it will count toward your CE Electives for the April renewal.

*Net Real Estate School is not affiliated with the National Association of Realtors. This post is for informational purposes only. 

License Renewal Course Requirements: Due by 4/30/2022
Canva - workspace computer online course

Our Online Courses Are:

  • Self Paced: Log in and out at any time 

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Tech Support Available by Phone

  • Required "Sexual Harassment Prevention " Training content is included!

  • NO FINAL EXAMS REQUIRED! Quizzes are included in the course, but you do not need to take or pass a school or state exam! 

 If you were licensed AFTER 2/1/2020,

You need this course and the "Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course (included) by April 30, 2022

45 Hour Post Licensing: Online Bundle: $199

Please note: You do not need both!
You either need 45 Post OR 12 Hour CE DEPENDING ON WHEN YOU WERE LICENSED.

If you were licensed BEFORE 2/1/2020, you  need 12 Hours of CE (Includes

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Course) by 4/30/2022

12 Hour CE Online
Bundle: $55

**For Post Licensing Only: You will receive a separate link to access the "Sexual Harassment Training" course within 24 hours of registration. You will have immediate access to the Post Licensing Courses upon registration.